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Attendees dove into ArcGIS Online at the APA-CMS GIS Training Workshop!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

APA-CMS, in partnership with UIC's Urban Data Visualization Lab, organized a GIS Training Workshop as part of the 2018 Planners Toolkit. Over 15 attendees conquered their fear of the web GIS world during this 4-hour session. Participants went through two workshop exercises which provided a basic introduction to ArcGIS Online and explored the steps for preparing, uploading and creating online web applications/story maps. Constituents stated they felt the session was just the right speed for someone unfamiliar with ArcGIS online and found it to be a great practical skills workshop considering the varying experience level present. Thank you to all for attending! APA-CMS looks forward to organizing another session in partnership with UIC in the future!

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