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APA-ISS is looking for your #PlanningFail

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Ever wonder to yourself, "who urban planned that?" While a planner's work typically makes our communities great places, occasionally an idea or an initiative falls flat on its face--and the APA-ISS would love to hear about it! (Sure, we might laugh a little, but then we promise to brainstorm a way to ensure the same fate does not befall others.) Send your #planningfail to the ISS and we will put together a stellar session at our 2018 Joint Spring/Summer Conference in Collinsville (registration is still open - click here!). The APA-ISS is also thinking of creating a "Help Desk" for communities at the Joint Conference. If you have a problem and would like to crowd source for solutions, email your problem to ISS. We look forward to your emails AND seeing you all in Collinsville in June!


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