Skills and Thrills for Up and Coming Planners (FREE)

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

New planners: Are you curious about the how and what of the next steps in your career?

Illinois Members of the AICP College of Fellows hosted a facilitated discussion to present lessons learned and insights from their experiences in the public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors. The panel provided tips and recommendations to students, newer professional just starting out and those looking to advance in their careers. This webinar will be helpful to new professionals and students who hope to better understand the skills most needed in the planning workplace and how to make a positive impression on senior managers who make hiring and management decisions.

Some of the questions the panel will cover:

  • What kind of skills do I need?

  • What’s the secret to getting along in the work place?

  • How do I “manage the boss”?

  • How long should people stay at a job?

  • Am I better off working for a city or a consulting firm?

  • What are the emerging trends — should I specialize in something?

  • What do hiring managers look for in a resume / portfolio?

  • What is the relative importance of having worked on teams or individually, and how do you best represent that experience?

  • What can I do outside of an internship/classes/career to build professional relationships to make myself a better planner?

  • How does APA play into that?

Moderator: Michael Blue, FAICP Teska Associates, Inc.

Panelists: James Peters, FAICP American Planning Association Libby Tyler, FAICP City of Urbana, Illinois Marya Morris, FAICP Planning Consultant

To view this webinar, go to and enter your name and email. You will then be directed to a recording of the video.

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