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February - 3 FREE webinars on survey research methodology

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Survey Research Laboratory (SRL) is offering three FREE webinars on survey research methodology.

  • Feb. 14 is Introduction to Survey Sampling - This webinar will cover the basics of sampling methodology: the importance of using proper sampling techniques, determining the appropriate sampling methodology, and calculating necessary sample sizes. The discussion also will include simple random sampling, cluster sampling, stratified sampling, and multistage samples.

  • Feb. 21 is Introduction to Questionnaire Design - Designing a good questionnaire is a complicated process that includes decisions ranging from questionnaire format and question order to question wording and response categories. The design should aid respondent understanding of questions, recall, and judgment formation, and minimize response editing because of social desirability. This workshop will review basic strategies for achieving these goals.

  • Feb. 28 is Survey Response Rates: Uses and Misuses - What is a “good” response rate, and why does it matter? These are common questions that we see at the Survey Research Laboratory. This webinar will provide a basic overview of survey response, cooperation and refusal rates, their uses, and why they are often imperfect indicators of survey quality and representativeness.

All webinars are on Wednesdays at Noon CST.


More information and registration at


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