2/6 - Learn how to begin sharing your public health expertise and policy viewpoints with policy make

Updated: Jan 3

There has never been a more important time to let your voice be heard by your US and state legislators and executives. Join a team of experienced public health nutritionists and professionals who have been strong advocates for nutrition laws and regulations for a webinar and learn how to begin sharing your expertise and policy viewpoints with policy makers.

The Food and Nutrition and Community Health Planning and Policy Development Sections will cosponsor a webinar on February 6, 12-1 pm EST to cover the following topics:

Policy and Public Health: An Introduction. Cynthia Williams Ph.D. MHA, PT, Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida in the Department of Health Administration will

  1. Define policy at agency, local, state and federal level

  2. Discuss the role of policy in public health and at APHA.

Pending Policies in Washington, DC. Nancy Chapman, MPH, RD, President, N. Chapman Associates, Inc. will

  1. Provide overview of the federal policies pending in current Congressional session - farm bill, health care, potential welfare reform, and funding bills

  2. Illustrate how to converse with members of Congress about these issues.

Overview of the Federal Regulatory Process for Key Nutrition Issues. Geri Henchy, MPH, RD, Director Nutrition Policy and Early Childhood Programs, Food Research and Action Center will

  1. Provide overview of the federal regulatory process as it relates to nutrition policy

  2. Identify current issues pending in the federal regulatory process.

Food and Nutrition Advocacy at the Level of State and Municipality. Patricia Risica, Dr.PH, RD, Assistant Professor Brown University School of Public Health, will

  1. List methods for advocating at the level of the state and municipality

  2. Describe important food and nutrition issues that might be important to advocate for at the state and municipal level

  3. Describe ways that advocacy at the level of the state and municipality is different from advocacy at the federal level.

To register for this webinar: https://ampublichealth.wufoo.com/forms/wt0ulax13xapqq/

Questions related to webinar, contact Shirley Gerrior, PhD, RD, LDN, shirley_gerrior@msn.com

Brought to you by the American Public Health Association (APHA)'s: Food and Nutrition Section Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section


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