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NIMBY Peer Exchange, Nov. 9

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

On November 9, we are convening a multidisciplinary group of community developers, housing advocates, and planners to discuss the systemic barrier of NIMBYism to affordable housing across the Chicago region. A peer discussion group of CDCs facilitated by CNT and Enterprise has discussed this barrier over the last two years. We are broadening that group to include other actors to better tackle this systemic issue.

We will also be joined by the organizing coalition for 5150 N. Northwest Highway, a proposed affordable development in Jefferson Park that experienced a very public and extreme community reaction. The 5150 coalition led a "Yes In My Backyard" group, Neighbors for Affordable Housing, to advocate for the project and build support. Our hope is that you will attend and provide your own stories of community education so that we can discuss as a group strategies to better respond to and get in front of NIMBYism for future projects.

CNT will record the conversation and our shared takeaways on community education in a case study that we are developing and will post online.


3:00 Introductions

3:05 Summary of Agenda

3:10 Case Study and Lessons Learned: 5150 N. Northwest Highway

3:30 Peer Sharing: Recent NIMBY Experiences and 2 Lessons Learned

4:00 Strategic Discussion: How Can We Build A “Yes In My Backyard” Network?

Discussion Questions:

  • What resources and strategies have been most helpful to build community support?

  • How do we foster communication between advocacy groups, community allies, and development community?

  • What steps do we need to get in front of potential NIMBY opposition?

  • How can other project elements and issue areas (i.e., sustainable development, alternative transportation) broaden support and generate buy in?

4:25 Wrap Up and Next Steps

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