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Upcoming FREE Webinars (with CM credit offered!)

There are several upcoming FREE webinars. Gain an education in the comfort of your office! Certification Maintenance credits are offered for all but the April 7th webinar. Click on the link for each webinar below to learn more:

March 23 - Creative Placemaking and Civic Art Space Engagement (CM | 1) (free):

March 23 - Post-disaster temporary housing (CM |1) (free):

March 24 - APA Chapter Webinar Series: Taxation: Zoning, & Licensing for Short-Term Residential Rentals (CM | 1.5) (free):

March 27 - Incorporating Fiscal Sustainability into the Comprehensive Planning Process (CM | 1) (free):

March 29 – Planning and Community Health: Health Impacts in Idaho (CM I 1) (free):

March 31 - APA Chapter Webinar Series: Enabling Access to Public Spaces to Advance Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits (CM | 1.5) (free):

April 4 - APA Chapter Webinar Series: BikeShare: Beyond the Plan (CM | 1.5) (free):

April 7 – "Careers in Transportation Planning," next in the Career Reality Webinars series, co-sponsored by the APA Transportation Planning Division (free to APA members only - no CM offered): April 10 – Addressing Megaregions in Long-Range Plan" webinar hosted by APA (CM I 1) (free):

April 13 - A Return on Investment for Active Transportation (CM | 2) (free):

April 14 - APA Chapter Webinar Series: The Comprehensive Planner: taking a systems perspective (CM | 1.5) (free):

April 24 - Inclusivity in Decision Marking for Accessibility (CM I 1) (free):

May 12 - APA Chapter Webinar Series: The Next Disruptive Technology: Autonomous Vehicles: (CM | 1.5) (free):

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