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APA National’s Membership Structure Is Changing

The American Planning Association is making entry into the association easier and more affordable for students and new planners. Effective in July 2017: 1. An APA student membership will be free for any individual who is:

  • Enrolled as a full- or part-time, degree seeking student

  • In any college or university program

  • For the duration of his or her studies.

“Free” includes national, chapter, and AICP membership, as well as membership in up to five APA Divisions. 2. The APA will offer reduced dues for up to two consecutive years to any individual who:

  • Joins APA for the first time as a regular member; OR

  • Is an APA student member who recently ended college or university studies.

The APA/AICP Student and New Planner Task Force developed these policies, with input from APA leaders—including the APA Board, AICP Commission, and chapter, division, and student leaders—and academic partners. They respond to member feedback about broadening participation in the association and making membership more accessible and affordable to a diverse population with both planning and non-planning backgrounds. APA’s current membership structure and prices will be in effect through June 2017. APA will communicate with individuals who currently are in the Early Career Membership Program (i.e. joined as a student member within the last five years) to ensure a smooth transition into the new framework. APA will share more information about these membership changes in Spring 2017. The APA-IL will pass on any information that's available. Stay tuned! Contact APA National staff at or call 312-431- 9100 if you have questions.

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