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We're Here! Conference Checklist

Step 1: Download the Conference App today! We’re going green(er). While there will be a snazzy tri-fold print program available with basic conference details, the majority of information will be included via the dedicated conference app.

Step 2: Set your session lineup via the app. You know the drill… Fantasy Football has you primed. Select your players / sessions by starring them within the app. Opt-in for push-notifications and time reminders to ensure you never miss a beat. Need a place for your u-pick lunch? We've got suggestions mapped and listed.

Step 3: Upon arrival, visit the registration desk. There you’ll receive a shiny badge with your name on it. Where it with pride throughout the conference!

Step 4: Say “Hey!” to our sponsors. Enjoy your coffee and conversation at this super-scenic lookout space at the 2nd floor landing. There you will find our awesome sponsors who helped make this event possible. What’s better? The expo space is basically a window seat overlooking Chicago’s Millennium Park. Sit back, blink, and enjoy.

Step 5: Share, share, share - #APAIL16. Hashtag those Instagram photos, Facebook posts, and tweets! Take a selfie with Mr. Bean (i.e. Cloud Gate)! #APAIL16 What sessions did you love? #APAIL16 Where in Chicago did you grab lunch? #APAIL16 We will be including a handful of social media shares in our “Daily Recap Eblasts”; share for a chance to be featured!

Step 6: Have questions? We got this. Venture to the registration desk for any and all inquiries. From social event particulars to mobile workshop start times and travel… need a recommendation for lunch? No worries… we have the “A” to your “Q”.

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