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Diversity and the Planning Accreditation Board's Standards

The APA-IL Diversity Committee has been following the Planning Accreditation Board's (PAB) recently proposed amendments to its diversity standards. There is concern about the impact the proposed amendments will have on advancing diversity of students, faculty, and curriculum at accredited planning programs, as summarized in a Next City article. If you wish to learn more about the PAB amendments, please visit their website for details.

The Diversity Committee is exploring the potential to host a forum on this topic to enable planning students, faculty, and professionals to learn more about the PAB amendments and voice their thoughts. We are aiming to plan the forum for late spring or early summer to allow time for us to get organized before the PAB's second public commenting period set for the late fall.

If you would like to get involved or learn more, please email Todd Vanadilok, Chair of the Diversity Committee, at

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