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Congratulations to APA-IL's 2016 FAICP Inductees

Fellows of AICP are honored in recognition of the achievements of the planner as an individual, elevating the Fellow before the public and the profession as a model planner who has made significant contributions to planning and society. Fellowship is granted to planners who have been members of AICP and have achieved excellence in professional practice, teaching and mentoring, research, public and community service, and leadership.

All 2016 Fellows will be inducted at the Fellows of AICP Induction Ceremony at the 2016 APA National Planning Conference in Phoenix. The ceremony will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center, on April 3, 2016 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend. Registration required.

Phil Hanegraaf, AICP has excelled in delivering visionary and results-oriented planning programs across the country. His pioneering and innovative work has won national awards and most recently APA’s prestigious 2013 Burnham Award. He was a leader in shaping Chicago RTA’s successful TOD planning program, and he continues to innovate in value-capture finance and alternative project delivery.

For almost 40 years, Ruth Knack, AICP has served the planning profession with competence and enthusiasm. As executive editor of Planning she has informed practitioners about the latest developments in the field and spread the word about planning’s achievements to the general public. She has chronicled the lives of notable figures in planning and related fields, offered sage advice, and ably represented APA.

For 25+ years, Marya Morris, AICP has been involved in planning research, education, and private practice. Ms. Morris is the author of 8 PAS Reports and many studies and articles. She’s credited with launching collaborations with the public health field to use community design to promote public health. Marya has mentored dozens of planners and serves as a planning commissioner in Glencoe, IL.

Jim Schwab, AICP has been pivotal in innovating and leading the integration of natural hazards into planning practice. Through his leadership spanning more than two decades in APA's research department, and, since 2008, as Manager of the APA Hazards Planning Center, he has played a central role in creating and shaping a new subfield of professional planning.

Bob Sullivan, AICP was key in establishing a large open space and trail network in Orland Park and the surrounding Chicago area. His strong environmental ethic and code writing resulted in improved retention ponds, protection of natural features and improved native planting. Bob’s efforts can be experienced daily through attractive amenities, more appealing buildings, roads with attractive curbside features and safer intersections.

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