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2016 APA-IL Planners Legislative Action Day

On April 20, 2016, American Planning Association - Illinois Chapter will be convening in Springfield for a day of democratic engagement and participation in the State’s legislative process. Last year’s event, the first of its kind in Chapter history, was a great success with our members participating and interacting with legislators on a variety of issues, including school zoning, historic tax credits, and plan commissioner training. This year’s event will build upon last year's success and elevate the Chapter's legislative efforts.

It may not always be obvious, but planners occupy an important position in the State’s economy. Our work affects the investments in our communities that build property values, create employment, and critical revenues for governmental operations at the local, regional, and state levels. Our work not only affects how investment decisions are made, but also the scope of those decisions. Underlying all that we do are laws that govern how we regulate these investments. Without forward looking laws that encourage good planning practice, Illinois risks inefficient allocation of capital resources and investment opportunities that strengthen our communities, urban, suburban, and rural.

Many states around Illinois have significantly broadened local planning and zoning authority with progressive legislation that encourages sound planning practices and investments that promote sustainable development. Illinois’ planning and zoning laws are outdated and in need of modernization. It’s time we more forcefully share our expertise with and impress upon our legislators the need to address the state’s outdated planning and development laws to promote stronger more sustainable Illinois communities.

Please plan to join us on April 20th. Our day will start with a breakfast and presentation on the importance of legislative awareness and advocacy. There will then be a discussion of the legislative items we want to address. We will then walk over to the Capitol take a group picture and meet with our representatives and senators, as well as other important legislative leaders. The day will end with a cocktail reception for our members. Stay tuned for more details.

The 2016 Planners Legislative Action Day will occur one day before the Spring ISS Conference. We will be setting up a way to register for both events.

Mark your calendars and share any legislative initiatives that you are aware of or would like to see advanced in Springfield with the Legislative Committee Chair, David Silverman, AICP (312-604-9117 or or any member of the Legislative Committee.

Planners at the Capitol

2016 Planners Legislative Action Day

April 20, 2016, Springfield, IL

Illinois planners…this is your call to action!


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