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Upcoming FREE APA Chapter Webcasts

In 2015 the APA-IL once again partnered with other APA Chapters to provide over 40 CM credits every year on your computer – at no cost to members of participating APA chapters and divisions that support the Planning Webcast Consortium.

Upcoming webcasts can be found at:

Here's what's coming up in July and August:

July 29: The Athens, Ohio Experiment: Extracting and Implementing Local Design Essence to Increase Economic Competitiveness

July 30: Reed v. Town of Gilbert: The Supreme Court's New Rules for Temporary -- and other -- Signs

August 7: Beyond Tweeting - Impactful Community Engagement

August 14: Economic Development 101: Is Your Community Prospect Ready?

August 21: Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Sustainable Comprehensive Planning

August 28: Ethics Skit by the Delaware Planning Thespians (Ethics CM Credit)

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