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2/9 - FY 2021 Strategic Economic and Community Development (SECD) Funding Opportunity

Join USDA to learn about the Fiscal Year 2021 funding opportunity known as Strategic Economic and Community Development (SECD). We encourage you to join if your work supports regional community development or promotes rural economic diversity.

SECD encourages and promotes regional economic and community strategic planning in rural America. Applicants to covered USDA Rural Development programs under SECD are encouraged to consider projects that support a multi-jurisdictional or multi-sectoral plan. These plans must provide measurable results in helping rural communities build robust and sustainable economies through strategic investments in broadband, businesses and community facilities. Covered programs in FY 2021 are:

  • Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program

  • Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program

  • Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program

  • Water and Waste Disposal Loan Guarantees

  • Business & Industry Loan Guarantees

  • Rural Business Development Grants

  • Community Connect Grants

This webinar will introduce attendees to the Innovation Center, review Farm Bill changes to SECD and discuss the FY 2021 application requirements and process.

DATE: February 9, 2021


If you have questions, please contact or (573) 239-2945 or visit USDA Rural Development's webpage.

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