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3/2/22 - Responding to Climate Change, APA Chapter Webcast (CM | 1.5)

Updated: Feb 9, 2022


The Responding to Climate Change webinar will include three presentations on the topics of green infrastructure, hazard mitigation planning, and wildfire hazard mitigation strategies.

David Rouse will begin the webinar with a presentation that defines green infrastructure and resilience and how these two concepts are interrelated. It will then describe a planning framework for using green infrastructure to build community resilience to climate change. This framework is organized around the five strategic points of intervention developed by the American Planning Association. Darrin Punchard will then present on the topic of advancing climate resilience through hazard mitigation planning. While many communities have long sought to reduce their risk to natural hazards, Darrin will discuss and share examples of how the emerging field of climate change adaptation is effectively being integrated into conventional practices for hazard mitigation planning. He will also highlight the critical role planners must play in responding to climate change and building long-term resilience to foreseeable hazard events. Molly Mowery will the present on how climate change is playing a significant role in reshaping wildfire seasons and severity, as recently witnessed by the devastating Marshall Fire in Boulder County, Colorado that occurred in late December 2021. Although planners cannot directly influence wildfires, we can influence how they may impact our built and natural environments. This discussion will highlight changing conditions, pre and post-fire planning activities, and design considerations for better preparing our communities.

March 2, 2022 (was previously 2/4/22)

12:00 - 1:30 CST

CM | 1.5

Guest Host: ENRE Division


The APA-IL is a member of the of the Planning Webcast Consortium which consists of APA Chapters and Divisions that produce educational webinars for the urban planning community. Members of the Consortium may view any of the webcasts for FREE! Planners that need to maintain their professional certification (AICP) may also receive 1.5 professional development credits (CM | 1.5) when viewing the webinars live.

If you would like to have YOUR webinar hosted by the Planners Webcast Consortium and gain national exposure, just email and we'll help get you setup! Webcast dates in 2022 and beyond are now open!

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