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2/24/21 - Hotel Industry and the Impact of COVID-19 (Downstate and Chicago Area)

The IGFOA Downstate Chapter and the Growth & Engagement Network will present a look at the hotel and lodging industry and the impacts of the current pandemic from the vantage point of the industry. President and CEO of the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association, Michael Jacobson, will dive into the impact of the pandemic on the industry, highlight the changes made to address the health and safety of guests with pointers on how to travel safely, and provide potential ways local government can assist the industry in recovery. This session will broaden local finance professionals’ knowledge in this specific focus area with the goal of better understanding the near-term and long-term impacts on how consumers and businesses network and travel. This session will be helpful in estimating revenue trends for hotel/motel tax, sales tax, local motor fuel tax, and/or food and beverage tax.

Learning Objectives: Participants completing this session will be able to:

  1. Changes made to address COVID 19

  2. Estimation of the impact of COVID 19 to the industry

  3. Ways to allow and/or assist hotels in recovery

  4. Insight on how to travel safely

Moderators: Molly Talkington, MPA, Finance Principal, CMAP, Rasheed Jones, Finance Director, Village of Matteson and Brian Hextell, Institutional Portfolio Manager, PMA Asset Management, LLC

Speaker: Michael Jacobson, President and CEO. Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association (IHLA)

Intended Audience: Finance Professionals Delivery Method: Internet Based

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