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12/15/21 - Let’s Bake a Master Plan! Webinar (CM | 1.5)

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Making a master plan can be just like baking a cake! You need a great framework (recipe), great plan elements (ingredients), and the right drawing/design tools (utensils). You need to practice (and practice more) until you find your own way to draw and design. Most importantly, you have to love the process of making, and the joy of watching others enjoy places you helped create.

During this interactive free online workshop organized in collaboration with ASLA Illinois, experts Ferhat Zerin, FAICP, Pericles Georgopoulos, and Sarah White, AICP, ASLA, LEED, will help you improve your hand drawing skills and show you how you can draw a great (and delicious) master plan. This master plan cooking class is open to everyone -

  • First time bakers: If you have no hand drawing skills – come and learn the basics of drawing a plan.

  • Food Critics: If you are a municipal planner – see how a quick hand drawing can fix a plan you are reviewing.

  • Julia Child Proteges: If you are an experienced designer – join us for a fun drawing workout!

Just like with baking, the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. Experts will teach attendees the basics of hand drawing using three activities. These activities include tracing a master plan, improving an existing plan, and using your new skills to create a master plan. In order to participate, attendees must print out the workshop handout(s). Click here for handouts and list of few drawing supplies.


VIEW THE WORKSHOP HANDOUT HERE. Please print the handout on letter sized paper at 100% (DO NOT SCALE TO FIT) and have the following drawing supplies ready: (you can substitute recommended brands with other similar products)

1. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Black or any fine black marker

2. Sharpie fine point permanent marker black or any thick black marker

3. Sharpie fine point permanent marker red or any thick red marker

4. Prismacolor color pencils: apple green (light green), olive green (dark green), scarlet lake (red), goldenrod (yellow), bleu franc (blue)

5. 9 x 12 tracing paper pad, 25 lb paper

6. Engineering scale

Event Details

please note this webinar has been rescheduled (original date was 11/10/21)

Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 12:00-1:30 pm

Location: Virtual Zoom Webinar

Credits: 1.5 AICP CM Credits (for live event only), 1.5 LA CES

Registration: click here

Cost: Free!


Speakers: (Cooks in the kitchen)

Ferhat Zerin, FAICP, is the principal and founder of Ginkgo Planning & Design. Zerin has been an avid champion on making design an essential skill in planning education and practice. She brings over a decade of teaching the capstone graduate urban design studio at UIC. Zerin will share her tips and easy techniques on how to draw a master plan that is as delicious as her Red Velvet Cake.

Pericles Georgopoulos is the Senior Associate at Ginkgo. Perry likes to remind everyone he meets that our streets are more than just things that move traffic, they are the public framework of our cities and towns and are the places where vibrant urban life happens. Perry can design and draw beautiful multimodal street cross sections in his sleep! He will share his tips on drawing great streets that are as memorable as his Chocolate Ganache Cake.

Sarah White, AICP, ASLA, LEED, is the Lakefront Planning Coordinator at the Chicago Park District, and president elect for IL-ASLA. As a child of a gifted artist, Sarah has always considered her drawing skills a demonstrable regression toward the mean. But that doesn’t stop her! By day, Sarah produces clunky sketches for the Chicago Park District Department of Planning and Construction. For recreation, she enjoys spending time with her husband, toddler son, and a geriatric Pomeranian.


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