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11/18/22 - APA-CMS Planners Toolkit: GIS Training at UIC (CM | 4)

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

APA-IL Chicago Metro Section is excited to partner with UIC on November 18, 2022 to provide our annual Planner's Toolkit workshop. This will be a hands-on workshop on using ArcGIS Pro and Illustrator together to create presentation-ready maps. The workshop is geared toward people who have touched GIS before (but may not remember what they learned), however it is open to a range of skill levels including novices.

Learning objectives include:

  • Gain basic familiarity with ArcGIS Pro and differentiate it from other ArcGIS services

  • Improve your ability to work with different data types and applications to accomplish your data visualization goals

  • Learn techniques for transforming various data types into spatial (mappable) data

  • Gain basic familiarity with Adobe Illustrator

  • Learn techniques for creating more professional-looking maps using graphic design


1. Introductions

2. Overview of ArcGIS Pro project structure (what’s different from ArcMap?)

3. Part I: How to map (almost) anything

  • a. Presentation on converting non-spatial data into mappable data

  • b. Exercise: Joining a data table to geographic features in ArcGIS Pro

- Snack Break -

4. Part II: How to make your maps pop

  • a. Presentation on editing graphics in Adobe Illustrator

  • b. Importing and editing a GIS map in Illustrator

5. Export and share your map

6. Q & A and feedback survey

QUESTIONS: For program questions, please contact the CMS at

CM CREDITS: 4.0 CM pending

DATE: Fri, November 18, 2022

TIME: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM CST

LOCATION: UIC Urban Data Visualization Lab, 400 S. Peoria Street, Art & Exhibition Hall 2201, Chicago, IL 60607

COST: $105 Member / $120 Non-Member


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