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4/26/24 Professional Parent's Forum - Registration is Open!

Updated: Apr 26

Women in Planning & Development (WP+D), the American Institute of Architects, Chicago (AIA), and the American Planning Association - Illinois Chapter (APA-IL), are excited to host the “Professional Parents Forums”, a networking and skills building event for working parents. So many people can relate to being a working parent, and this space will allow for the social gathering and knowledge sharing of the unique challenges parents face juggling career and family expectations. This Friday morning intensive is geared toward both moms and dads and will include childcare and strive to achieve AIA/APA continuing education credits. Seminars will focus on topics related to work/life balance, workplace & corporate policies, and strategizing your career with your family in mind. Work and children are more than just paternity leave—we want the space to reflect the diverse experience of our organization’s members and their industries. 

Topics will be in a variety of formats, representing people in all different walks of life, and provide actionable next steps for attendees to take home. The event is centered around three themes to allow for attendees to select topics directly related to their phase of life:  

  • Workplace & Corporate Policies: Yes, paternity leave. But also flexible or remote work, accommodating parents/non-parents with fair policies, healthcare, promoting positive workplace culture, or any other policy driven topics. 

  • Strategizing your Career: Becoming a parent, or adding another little, may require a shift in one’s career. Topics could be about taking time off, coming back to the workforce, developing new priorities, making a career shift, etc. 

  • Work/Life Balance: Literally anything that helps working moms and dads feel more present at work and at home. 

Presentations will strive to achieve either an AIA or APA continuing education credit.

DATE: April 26, 2024

TIME: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

LOCATION: 35 East Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60601

COST: $25




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